• Sat
  • 13
  • 07
  • 2019
  • 23:59
Sat 13 July 2019 - 23:59

Benjamin Damage’s roots lie firmly within the UK’s underground. Drawing from early rave to jungle to nineties house, Benjamin’s non-purist approach to techno produces an energy and emotion rarely found in modern electronic music. Working together with Doc Daneeka in Berlin, the duo fused UK bass, techno, lush ambience and haunting vocals to create the critically acclaimed album ’They!Live” on Modeselektor’s 50 Weapons label. Through 50 Weapons, Damage releases teamed brutal indulgence with moments of atmospheric tension and tenderness, culminating in the release of his stunning debut solo album ‘Heliosphere’ in 2013. Benjamin Damage’s second solo album “Obsidian” was released to great reviews and was the last artist album to close 50 Weapons. Ashley Burchett aka Ø [Phase] is a South West London-based electronic music producer, DJ, mastering engineer and on/off artwork designer. His style ranges from gritty Minimal Techno to Detroit influenced material is best known by his work on Token Records. With a busy international touring schedule, Ø [Phase]’s music progressively earned more and more worldwide recognition – significantly on 2012′s much acclaimed “Binary Opposition” single and subsequently on his 2013 debut LP ‘Frames of Reference’. From late 90s, DJ Gordon began emerging himself into underground music scene. His DJ sets are built on deep, dark and experimental rhythms with a spacey groove coupled with an industrial sound drums kick. With an engaging presence and a knack for telling a story, DJ Gordon builds a unique connection with each audience, and works any room until it sweats. We welcome back Marcos Leiras aka Leiras, a persistent DJ, producer and live performer settled in Berlin. After releasing music under several aliases and different labels around the world, he plays now as Leiras and created the Ownlife platform, a new project, focused on the mental and hypnotic side of techno. Tonight he shiftsinto a superbe DJ set – expect the unexpected from this top talent. On the Globus Floor: Gregory Darsa is Point G from France. With a career that stretches back to the early ’90s, Gregory Darsa has lived a long and fruitful life in house music. Point G came to prominence amidst the commercially minded house music that was tearing through Paris in the late 90s: French Touch, produced tracks like “Underwater”—with its sturdy bassline, glistening melody, and consistent jounce. With his mythical album On The Raw Again, Point G continues to inspire deep house enthusiasts around the world and we welcome him in our home tonight. DJ Deep is a techno and house producer, DJ and frequent guest in our home. Since 2003 he has run the Deeply Rooted label, formerly Deeply Rooted House, and House Music Records, shining a spotlight on true-to-its roots house and techno records. A reformat in 2015 and DJ Deep’s latest evolution in expression sees him join forces with Roman Poncet as Sergie Rezza, an open-minded experimentation with a standout album on Desire Records and performances including Berlin Atonal. Twenty years in, from house to techno and everything in between, DJ Deep has immersed himself in the ebb and flows of music, be it NY, Chicago, Detroit or today’s current pulsating waves. Paris-born and Tokyo-raised, Alex from Tokyo is an international eclectic DJ, producer and music co-ordinator. Alex has also been active producing music under the name Tokyo Black Star with his partner Isao Kumano, releasing original material on the Berlin-based label Innervisions, as well as on the joint label Reincarnation by Italian tastemakers Slam Jam, and on DJ Deep’s deeply rooted house music record label. Owner of his own World Famous label, Alex moved to Berlin in 2017 and has also been making moves in music coordination, consulting, and production work for international fashion brands (Y-3, Louis Vuitton, Mini), and other select clients (WAGYUMAFIA) since the late 1990s.