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Sat 03 August 2019 - 23:59

Sterac aka Steve Rachmad is a long-time friend of the Tresor family, recorded for the Tresor label and is known internationally for his creative output. Where other aliases were used for excursions to more dub-, disco-, or house- oriented records, Sterac’s focus has always been on the no-nonsense, darker, and deeper side of techno. He has traveled the world where he has played in the most famous clubs. After more than a quarter of a century involved in electronic music, it’s not an exaggeration to say that he has been integral to the development of the scene in his native Netherlands and around the world. It is always a huge pleasure to welcome him back to our decks! Returning artist Dimi Angelis has been actively involved in the Dutch techno scene since the late nineties, his legendary raves at various locations still speaking to the imagination of many. Techno freaks abroad must know Dimi from his Counterpart and A&S project (w/ Jeroen Search). As for Dimi’s DJ sets, he can venture into the deepest of house or the bloodiest of nosebleed techno, but he always stays true to himself and to the music in its purest form. As one of the most respected names in Melbourne’s techno scene, returning artist Adrian Bell last stood at our decks exactly a year ago. Otherwise he has spent every spare moment over the past few years building up a techno empire that is Bunker, rallying up a strong following of supporters and tastemakers along the way. Renowned for pounding out brooding techno, an Adrian Bell set is comprised of wall-to-wall techno: the darker, the harder, the better. By no means does it make for a boring set, as he manages to embody all there is to love about techno to command any dance-floor. In Globus: a warm welcome back for Kelli Hand aka K-Hand to the decks, she stands alongside Detroit’s elite, the sort of DJ that has devoted more than two decades to working crowds into techno dance frenzy. Whether it is a lengthy set at Movement Detroit Music Festival, or a headlining gig at a high-profile, Hand knows how to read a crowd and seduce it, one track after another, until she has it at her mercy, and the dance floor dances. K-Hand is also known as the brains and boss behind the long-running Acacia Records Label, one of the city’s most prolific labels throughout the ‘90s into the ‘00s, and to date. Not to mention her legendary album on Tresor Records “Detroit-History Part 1” in 2001. Marco Passarani, one of Italy’s most revered electronic dance music producers and DJs, has played a pivotal role in the Italian techno scene since the early days, DJing, promoting and running his Finalfrontier pioneering distribution and production company. Marco’s sound has always been very emotional and dynamic, throwing in washes of any form of electronic dance music into a unique style that ranges from peak time dancefloor to introspective electronica. Alongside touring as DJ, managing his labels and producing music in the Pigna Studio, in the last few years Marco has been involved in some didactic projects, providing his knowledge and skills as teacher and tutor for kids and young musicians. Tsahi Soussana is from Israel and made his Tresor debut some years back on one of our New Faces nights. He is the promoter of Pacotek, an electronic music/visual art party line, established in 2003 in Jerusalem together with Anna Haleta.