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Fri 09 August 2019 - 23:59

Radial is the main pseudonym of Jeroen Liebregts from The Netherlands. Jeroen has been DJing since around ’98 and picked up music production soon after. Since 2002 Jeroen teamed up with Bas Mooy and started the label Audio Assault as a platform for their own work and that of artists whose work they admire. About a year later sublabel Arms was born. Today the main label is still running strong with over 40 vinyl releases and counting. Radial started out as a collaboration with Laurens van der Starre, but since 2009 it is Liebregts’ solo project. Spanish artist Allesandro Gaja debuted in 2013 on Repitch, and records also on the Ophism Record label, focused on releasing rusty, live recorded analogue jams of underground acid techno, electro and lo fi synthesizer music. Gaja’s releases on Ophism include “Nanook”, “Money Create Taste” and “Slaves Of The Future”. Paàl, also known as one of the founders of the label Voitax, debuted last year on our new faces night. He is an artist that devotes all of his passion to the sounds that he creates and the music that he supports. The focus in Paàl’s creations, such as in his very heavy and varied sets as well as on his label, is always on the sound, on the art piece itself and less on the artist behind it. Returning artist, Spanish DJ Hurtado recorded with the Mexican label B55 his first EP, entitled “Trinian”, and earlier December 2015, his second EP came out on the label “Brood Audio” from Los Angeles with the tittle “1995”. As for now, Hurtado continues working on new music for his Live (PA) and delivers his own vision of Techno through DJ gigs he is playing around the world. Debuting on our New Faces night in November 2017, we welcome him back for another set tonight. Returning to the Globus decks is Gerard Hanson alias Convextion, an artist who has cultivated the epigones of the rich interface of Detroit techno and Berlin dubelektronik, a highly unique sound design, primarily distinguished by its incomprehensible beautiful subtlety. As a fiery child of the music industry his release cycle is very carefully distributed and on few labels – which incurs an all too positive effect on the quality of the tracks. So reasonable his discography, so passionate his admirers. Tonight Convextion delivers once again a riveting live performance in Globus. Mike Dehnert is a Berlin producer, live act/DJ and frequent guest in Tresor Club for many years, where his fan base has consistently grown. Since 2007 Mike Dehnert has managed his own label Fachwerk Records, distinguishing himself as a cutting-edge live performer of urban electronica straight outta Berlin but radiating to the world. Jose Cabrera aka J.C. from Spain, debuted in Tresor on one of the Echoes nights, and he expresses a style of simple, raw, stripped down and hypnotic techno. In 2012, J.C. started the AHD label together with his friend Damian Schwartz, and he produced his first EP for the Argentinian label Greener Records in the beginning of 2013. After several other innovative releases, J.C. joined the Tresor label family with his different blends in subtle electronics. Stojche Cvetanovski aka Stojche has been a returning guest DJ in Tresor Club for some years now, providing his distinct style of turntablism that has garnered him a solid base, a perfect support set for this excellent Globus Floor line-up.