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  • 08
  • 2019
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Fri 23 August 2019 - 23:59

Anthony Child aka Surgeon has been at the forefront of UK techno since 1994. His debut EP is regarded by many as seminal, launching his career along with several early Downwards releases, causing a ripple of excitement through the techno cognoscenti of the time. Surgeon has been prolific since, with three albums on Tresor and numerous Counterbalance and Dynamic Tension EPs as well as his ‘Breaking The Frame’ LP in 2011 Over the course of his career, the Birmingham resident has perfected a unique and uncommonly effective production style. His is a tough techno sound with an industrial murk about it but also plenty of funk, swing and a sophisticated sense of dub-space learned in part from his Chain Reaction contemporaries in Berlin. Contemporary Surgeon sets are notable for experimentation with new DJ technologies embracing cutting edge hardware and software solutions, increasingly blurring the line between a DJ set and a live performance. A techno legend. Few have a recent back catalogue as rich and diverse as returning guest Randomer. His discography reads like a who’s who of modern techno: across a six year career, he’s produced four EPs for Untold’s Hemlock Recordings; released records for Hessle Audio, Numbers, Perc Trax and Clone; and most recently, been cherry-picked for Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S. As a DJ, Randomer is one of the UK’s finest, capable of effortlessly stitching together modern bass with classic techno and less esoteric 4/4 rhythms. Koehler first emerged in 2013 with a white label for Skudge showcasing a cinematically potent sound mutating his Jungle roots into futuristic technoid hybrids. Basslines slash and growl and drums vortex to infinity, whilst off world melodies cloud the thick atmosphere. Since then Koehler’s sound has become even more gnarly with further EP’s appearing on R -Zone, Berceuse Heroique and Skudge again. A move to Berlin from his native Bristol at the beginning of 2015 gave him the opportunity to spread his genre bending manifesto far and wide, playing at top venues and releasing on Powell’s border pushing Diagonal. Barry O’Brien is Berlin-based Briain from Ireland, who debuted last year at one of our infamous New Faces nights, an exemplary sound artist who is able to drift and adapt to the environments presented to him. Whether it’s apart of the multidisciplinary format of the well-regarded Skizze curations or stepping up alongside label-mates for Mindwaves Music, Briain is able to showcase an incredibly broad palette of soundscapes. What is consistently represented throughout all of his sets is an acute eye for IDM, experimental, ambient, jungle and numerous sub-categories of techno, all meticulously presented in the proper context for the listener to enjoy. In Globus: Luis Garban is returning artist Cardopusher, a Venezuelan-born, Barcelona-based DJ/producer and co-founder of the Classicworks record label who has spent the last decade creating a wide variety of noisy dancefloor assaults. Having released on numerous other labels, Cardopusher has also forged a relationship with German bass enthusiast Boys Noize, issuing a pair of EPs as well as two full length albums. We welcome him back to the Globus decks tonight. Also joining the line-up is Donna Trump from Sweden: acid, breakbeats, vintage drum machines and OG warehouse rave vibes. Those who know, will know! Tresor Club resident Handmade‘s DJing is perfectly tuned to the Globus Floor’s wavelength: oscillating between house and techno styles, the dancing crowd in a firm grip, driven to fill the dancefloor. An integral part of the Tresor resident team since 2009, Handmade earned his stripes in the rocky terrain of the Berlin nightlife. Little by little he developed his pumping original mix of superior and timeless dance styles that have particularly influenced his experience. Handmade’s explosive trademark DJ style: deep and dubby-grounded á la Detroit, with the jacking stabs of Chicago influences and occasional deviations into tougher or soulful soundscapes.