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  • 20
  • 09
  • 2019
  • 23:59
Fri 20 September 2019 - 23:59

Returning artist Levon Vincent is an American DJ, producer and owner of Novel Sound, and another label that he co-runs with fellow NY house renaissance man Anthony Parasole called Deconstruct. Originally from the midwest, Levon is now a world traveling DJ, feeling at home in New York, London or Berlin. Joey Anderson was born in Hoboken New Jersey. Educated, since the age of thirteen in the arts of “Underground House Dancing” As a result of doing so, tasted the fruit of what is called the “renaissance” period of House Music in New York and New Jersey. Joey has released three tracks with Exchange Place, which are under the label Strength Music, and has more recently launched his own label, Inimeg Recordings. First release entitled Organisms, Inimeg Recordings being a dedication for the certain peoples Horoscope spelled backward (Gemini) that coached Joey Anderson to produce and start his own label. Dutch artist Reynier Hooft van Huijsduijnen is Deniro, producer, DJ and co-founder of Tape Records in Amsterdam. His terrific set in the basement last October is not easily forgotten. Deniro is represented by Voyage Direct, a record label established to represent the wealth of electronic music talent coming out of the Netherlands, and also is associated with Berlin label Trip. On the Tresor Floor: having been involved in music for over 10 years, Ramón Daniels aka Machino is part of a new wave of electronic music producers of the northwestern area of México, specifically from Tijuana where he is better known as Machino. His tracks have been released by Highgrade Records, Static Discos, Underyourskin Records, AMAM, Glauben, his style shifts back and forth between a very potent techno and a heavy ambient influence, but inevitably revealing an obscure side in his composition. Tonight we get a good taste of Machino’s live set, a style hybrid of obscure and melodic techno. Techno maverick Adam X dates back to 1990 in New York City, where he teamed up with his brother Frankie Bones in running the first all-techno record shop in America ‘Groove Records (later named Sonic Groove Records)’ with DJ Heather Heart joining ownership shortly after. Now one of the longest techno labels running, Sonic Groove refuses to push the sounds of the past, instead preferring to define the sound of the future. Known in contemporary times globally for his pioneering working in crossing the parallel of techno and industrial music, Adam X is also behind the production of the well known deep sci-fi techno project “Traversable Wormhole” on CLR. Unhuman is the Berlin-based electronic and experimental project of Manos Simotas. Started in 2012 in Athens with his first release “Emperor Black”on tape, Unhuman evolved through different genres ultimately finding his own unique voice in experimental and dark electronics. Keeping his root in post-punk, Unhuman released on a string of abels and is a regular mainstay of major clubs in Berlin, performing internationally, as well as holding the artist in residency at Constant Value in Seoul, South Korea. Unhuman is also the founder of Liber Null Berlin, which has played a critical role of unifying the freedom of arts in a conceptual event in the scene and also operates as a record label. Marcus, alias of Marco de Paulis, is a Roman DJ based in Berlin since a few years. For Marcus techno is a statement of love and a way of life, techno is the energy of every day, techno is technology, techno is his voice when he plays. His DJ sets are characterized by raw and dirty groove, industrial sounds and with a strong energy impact to the floor and the people, knowing exactly what they want as a DJ coming from the dancefloor as he is.