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Fri 10 January 2020 - 23:59

In Detroit in the late 80s, a handful of musicians and electronic composers were tinkering with the mixture of styles that was to become known as “techno”. One of these legendary futurists was Juan Atkins, a Tresor treasure and dear friend. Finding inspiration in the European synth sounds of Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, etc. and sampling these together with U.S. hip hop and funk, a new sound hit the Detroit dancefloors and was an instant hit. His first Model 500 releases showed a distinct and individual style and are today historic artifacts of the genre yet remain timeless and revered. His subsequent albums on Tresor Records and his own Metroplex label have cemented Juan Atkins’ reputation as one of the most important and enduring electronic music artists of modern times. Ausgang is a Berlin-based Techno label founded by Nico and Roseen. It is a small independent label whose nuggets are played by the most influential artists in the field, a raw techno that hits hard with a cold and industrial atmosphere that will subdue the room. Production-wise, as well as behind the decks, they also operate as Ausgang. Both share the basic idea of techno – raw and gritty sounds with pounding rhythms.  Just made for darkened rooms with fog and strobe lights. Arni Gudmundsson is Àrni, an artist from Iceland who has been making the Berlin underground rounds as well as leaving a powerful techno footprint in various European venues. Árni has been prominent in the Reykjavík scene for almost a decade, has played Sónar Reykjavík in 2018 and 2019, and is a tireless champion of other people’s music, often bringing unknown talents into the spotlight. Having started in drum ‘n’ bass and dubstep under the moniker Skeng, Árni now goes by his first name. Àrni debuted on one of our New Faces nights and he has blossomed into an innovative techno DJ worthy of weekend slots in top venues. He’s known for playing unreleased tracks by Icelandic artists such as EVA808, Kosmodod, Volruptus, Hidden People, Fascia and, of course, Bjarki. In Globus: Lauren Bush aka re:ni‘s sets join the dots between her dub-wise influences and contemporary bass-driven techno, electro, jungle and breaks. With recent debuts at Panorama Bar, De School and fabric and a monthly slot on NTS Radio with Laksa, she brings a UK sensibility to the dancefloor, bouncing across bpms with a record bag stacked full of deep basslines and broken rhythms. re:ni was selected out of thousands of applications for the inaugural NTS WIP 2019, a programme aimed to provide mentoring and career development for eight artists. Over the years, Tone Dropout label heads Dawl + Sween have cemented their reputation as a consistent source of top-drawer UK dance music, both behind the decks and the boards, with killer releases on revered labels including Klasse Wrecks, Further Electronix and Cragie Knowes. Last year Dawl + Sween were back on Klasse Wrecks with a follow up to their well-received ‘Rise of the Humanoids’ EP from 2018: more classic Electro-Break sonics that had the fans of the first EP finding so hard. Returning artist Dasha Redkina is a Ukraine-born, Russian-bred English-influenced artist currently in Germany. She is an Arma17 resident and provides sets that are very much genre-crossing: cinematic intergalactic sonic polyrhythmic, indefinite silent between disruptive unexpected.