• Fri
  • 17
  • 01
  • 2020
  • 23:59
Fri 17 January 2020 - 23:59

Polar Inertia is a hazy entity formed in 2010, appearing at first as an electronic music act. Beyond the music and the records, the members of Polar Inertia are also the authors of texts, photographic works, printed artworks, videos and specific live performances for different context. They have often been invited to contribute to various revues, editions or art books. Their course of creation thus takes the direction of a polymorphic artistic process, bound to evolve in various fields of contemporary creation. Mike Parker lives and works in Buffalo, New York. When he is not twisting analogue frequencies in the studio he lectures fine art at Daemen College. Mr. Parker joined the Tresor Records family with the release of hi 4-track EP “Disintegrating Sand” in December 2016. His abstractions of sound and texture are now instantly recognizable to contemporary audiences, as expressed on his long running series of 12” records on the Geophone and other top labels, that has established his sonic persona. In recent years, several tours across Europe and Japan have enabled Mike Parker to spread his sound further, DJing on the sound systems which best deliver the depth and power of his music. Techno producer Frederic Lindemann aka desroi’s production process seems to be one of tight structure and focus, holding great modernistic vision. Desroi is curious about exploring the bridges between contemporary music and techno, and he recently said he is less interested in arrangement, melodies and harmony, and much rather focuses strongly on textures, rhythms and new sounds. Listening to his compositions these quotes makes nothing but sense; Desroi’s techno is entrancing and layered but holds no unnecessary clutter. Both as a live artist as well as a DJ, Desroi’s performances again focus on unsparingly and unsentimental exposed material. Raw surface sounds and screeching futuristic signals prevail. From late 90s, DJ Gordon began emerging himself into underground music scene. His DJ sets are built on deep, dark and experimental rhythms with a spacey groove coupled with an industrial sound drums kick. With an engaging presence and a knack for telling a story, DJ Gordon builds a unique connection with each audience, and works any room until it sweats. In Globus: American Techno and Acid Icon DJ ESP aka Woody McBride is in the mix. With releases and remixes on Dave Clarke’s White Noise, Josh Wink’s Ovum, Eric Powell’s Bush, Fat Boy Slim’s Skint, Novamute, Acid Tracks, Drop Bass Network and dozens of other labels there are just a handful of stateside producer/DJs so prolific. His own label Communique is now 15 years old and continues to promote the underground sound and push it into the future. Woody McBride plays weekly on several international radio stations and works tirelessly to create new music for the galactic consciousness. Returning artist  John Heckle is a DJ, producer and live performer from Merseyside, UK. He has performed several times in our home, under his moniker Head Front Panel, his faster-paced techno alias. Tonight we are pleased to welcome John Heckle back to the Globus decks. Tresor Club resident Magda El Bayoumi is an artist of Polish and Egyptian origin living in Berlin, Germany. She tends to oscillate between different sub-genres of house and techno: whether she is opening the night, playing in prime time or closing the party, she adjusts easily providing best possible performance and record selection to fit the night. Good classic or fresh and new sound techno and house or versatile electronic productions play an important role in Magda’s choice of music today. There is only one rule: quality.