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  • 01
  • 2020
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Sat 25 January 2020 - 23:59

Samuel Kerridge’s productions find a strange poetry in illegible communications, stripping meaning down to raw emotional response. Each track is a visceral slab of power, aiming to deconstruct any preconceived notions by means of a cross pollinated methodology. Whether experienced via his releases on Downwards records, Blueprint, Horizontal Ground, and his own imprint (and esteemed Berlin event series) Contort, or live, the listener is subject to overwhelming waves of hyper-sensory stimulation. Whatever form his music takes, Samuel Kerridge continues to evolve, always pushing the limits of sound and space. Ron Morelli, the L.I.E.S. label founder, has given a simple answer as to why he started the label: his friends were making great tracks that wouldn’t have otherwise come out. Founded in 2010, L.I.E.S. quickly rose to critical acclaim among music critics and fans, its 12″ vinyl releases frequently quickly selling out after influential music stores like Hard Wax began to champion the label. Ron’s February 2018 track on the “Waves Of The Future” compilation, on Alessandro Adriani’s Mannequin label, is an excellent taster of this talented artist who we have welcomed to the Tresor decks time and again. We welcome artist Grabenstein to the decks, who early last year released a sublime EP together with Seefriend “Raging Tender”. Released on Regis’ Downwards label, the EP finds a middle ground between the cold, harsh minimalism of their previous productions and an atmosphere that’s Lynchian in its sinister cool. Marc Ash debuted on our new faces night in 2017, he is co-founder of Crimewave (former bi-monthly party) which since 2012 has brought a selection of minimal-synth and avantgarde electronic performers for the first time in Milan. Drawing largely his aesthetic and artistic inspiration from early new wave and dirty industrial as well as from electronic pioneers, Marc Ash is active both as DJ and producer, with his self named project (obscure electronics, after a synthwave beginning) and his moniker Plovdiv, more techno-dark beats driven. He’s currently working on his own label “Blacksilk Records”, which aims to bring out the best of hidden experimental and obscure electronic projects. On the Globus Floor: Londoner Jimmy Asquith quietly minted the now-ubiquitous record label Lobster Theremin with an impressive debut release from a promising new producer: fellow Londoner Jay Donaldson – now known world over as Palms Trax. Since then, the label boss has found himself thrust to the epicentre of the global dance music scene, operating a vast network of sub- and sister-labels, and looking after a staggering roster of artists. Last year Asquith released his debut release; a scintillating and stomping blend of UK via German power house, Northern baseline and NYC grooves. It’s a white label self-release that sees the label boss step out from behind the Lobster veil and present a weighty and creative self expression through sound. Jerome Hill runs the labels Don’t, Super Rhythm Trax & Fat Hop, presents a weekly radio show on London’s Kool FM and DJs regularly around the planet. DJing since 1990 beginning with Hip Hop, Acid House, Bleeps, Breakbeat and Techno, in 1994 he hooked up with infamous London sound system “JIBA” honing his scratching and mixing style for which he is now known. After long stints as manager of Trackheads & Dragon Discs record shops in Camden, London, Jerome Hill still strives to sniff out exciting new (and old) tracks to add to his sets while never paying attention to current trends. Tresor Club resident Handmade‘s DJing is perfectly tuned to the Globus Floor’s wavelength: oscillating between house and techno styles, the dancing crowd in a firm grip, driven to fill the dancefloor. An integral part of the Tresor resident team since 2009, Handmade earned his stripes in the rocky terrain of the Berlin nightlife. Little by little he developed his pumping original mix of superior and timeless dance styles that have particularly influenced his experience. Handmade’s explosive trademark DJ style: deep and dubby-grounded á la Detroit, with the jacking stabs of Chicago influences and occasional deviations into tougher or soulful soundscapes.