Aufgrund der Gesundheitsbesorgnisse durch das Coronavirus entscheidet sich Tresor im Interesse unserer Mitmenschen für eine präventive Schließung aller Veranstaltungsorte mit sofortiger Wirkung.

Unsere weitere Vorgehensweise wird in Anpassung an die zukünftigen Entwicklungen und behördlichen Vorgaben stattfinden.

Berlin, 12.3.2020

Due to the health concerns caused by the corona virus, Tresor has decided, in the interest of our fellow human beings, to preventively close all venues with immediate effect.

Our further course of action will take place in accordance with further developments and regulatory requirements.

Berlin, 12.3.2020

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Fri 31 January 2020 - 23:59

Founder of Rave or Die and of the New Flesh Records imprint, Umwelt boasts over forty releases to date, which place him among the most prolific French electronic producers. In 2016, after a long spell off the radar, this expert in ferocious distortions tinted with sweet melancholy delivered his second album, entitled Days of Dissent and released on Boidae. The opus was highly acclaimed by the public and the press, which proclaimed it an electro referent. The Lyon-based artist, a vinyl and analogue freak, Umwelt continues the work of early pioneers with a wild and straight-to-the-dancefloor mode of transport, while progressively leading the listener into dark, melancholic, dancing and mental atmospheres where he alone has total control over the side effects. Returning artist and vinyl-only master, Sunil Sharpe is an Irishman who is easily of the most skilled vinyl DJs out there, carefully selecting music spanning 3 decades and leaving you time and time again with your jaw to the floor. He has been considered one of the Ireland’s best techno DJs for the best part of a decade, but his growing following has meant you’re now as likely to find him at various international venues as you are anywhere in the Irish capital. Over the years Sunil Sharpe has developed an outstanding talent for mixing records, sometimes cutting between 30 tracks or more in the space of an hour. Honing her skills through her DJ residency at Manchester’s Ebloc, Kerrie individually as a DJ has gone on to play alongside an array of top international acts. Her DJ style is bolshy and unforgiving, taking in everything from alien acid to hypnotic techno to meditative drone, and her record collection expands a lot wider especially on longer sets, where you can expect anything from ambient, dub, ebm to various house styles almost always with a tough edge. Kerrie’s output as a producer has been described as organic, raw techno with a nod to the past, dark and menacing with a distinct analog sound. With her production skills as busy as ever, her forthcoming debut EP is due to be released on a well-respected UK label in the very near future you can expect to hear a lot more from this rising talent. Jamie Behan: widely acknowledged as the godfather of the techno scene in his adoptive home city of Cork, as curator and resident DJ at Ireland’s longest running techno institution ‘Bastardo Electrico’, over the past 16 years Jamie Behan has been an unrelenting figure at the centre of Irish techno. Despite being known as an out and out techno heavyweight, Behan’s sound stretches across ghetto house and electro and he has gained a formidable and respected reputation for his versatile selections, skills and physical power behind the decks with his quick fire mixing and fast paced DJ sets. In 2016 Jamie Behan formed the duo Flexure, a collaboration with fellow Irish DJ Stephen Mahoney, whose releases on Bastardo Electrico and Shelter Records have garnered widespread from some from some of the biggest names in techno. In Globus: Boris Bunnik is Conforce, a restless producer from Terschelling, Holland, who is forever keen to search out new techniques, tools and sounds for the various musical projects in which he is involved. One of these is Versalife, his moniker for advanced and futuristic electro. Under his many aliases he continually flirting with a range of genres like dub, techno and house on numerous EP’s and LP’s, Conforce also operates in sonic territory that has no easily identifiable name on labels like Rush Hour, Clone, Frustrated Funk or Delsin (where he released his June 2015 deep & dubby “Presentism” full-length), and his own experimental electronic label Transcendent. Amsterdam-based DJ and producer Jochem Peteri alias Newworldaquarium is a cornerstone of Amsterdam’s Delsin family, his tracks play out like vivid, sub-aquatic landscapes. After the scene took notice of the hypnotic tracks of his debut album and magnum opus “The Dead Bears”, DJs like Carl Craig began to play his grooves. Grooves that go on endlessly, that slowly change colour and shape and sneak their way into your head. In his own words: “My music is stuck halfway between hiphop and house, or kinda like a home-baked savoury pie and fine sushi, in a way”. Take in his live set for yourself. Another artist who we always welcome back to our home is Richard Zepezauer, owner of the label  “n s y d e”, providing him with his own personal way of keeping this focus alive. The broad range displayed in his DJ sets testifies of his lifelong passion for music and record digging, and his recent cooperation with various renowned 20th century classics ensembles is a testament of Richard Zepezauer‘s diversity. Returning artist Berlin artist Tatjana will also provide a set on the Globus decks tonight. She is a DJ, record collector and part time Audio In record store affiliate who has provided the Trush project with some very meaty mixes and you’ll get a taste of it tonight.