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  • 2014
  • 23:59
Tresor Meets Ilian Tape & Airdrop
Sat 05 July 2014 - 23:59

Ilian Tape was founded in 2007 by the Zenker Brothers and Mueller. Dario & Marco are responsible for the musical part, while Mueller does all the graphic work. The label has picked up substantial international artists and tonight the Zenker Brothers present label collaborators Regen from Berlin and Stenny from Italy. Franco Cinelli, Andres Zacco and Leonel Castillo are the Airdrop label’s spearheads, providing a stable and fertile ground to develop a talented selection of Argentine artists while new missions are also developed around fresh European recruits, such as John Spring, Le Loup & Funkalicious James, Death On The Balcony or Fritz & Lang. A live set by Alejandro Mosso compliments this terrific Globus Floor program of their label finery. Airdrop defies categorization – its releases fuse house, techno, funk, disco, ambient and many more genres into a holistic one as they aim to unite, not separate, the floor.

Ilian TapeTresor
  • 23:59
    RegenIlian Tape, Harry Klein Records/ Berlin
  • 03:00
    Live: StennyIlian Tape/ Turin
  • 04:00
    Zenker BrothersIlian Tape, Tresor Records/ Munich
  • 23:59
    Le Loup + PauloHold Youth, Airdrop/ FR
  • 02:30
    Live: Alejandro MossoCocoon, Igloo/ AR
  • 03:30
    Franco CinelliEsperenza, Greener, Airdrop/ AR
  • 05:00
    Leonel CastilloGroovear/ AR