• Fri
  • 16
  • 12
  • 2016
  • 23:59
Tresor Meets Vault Series
Fri 16 December 2016 - 23:59

Vault Series is the artistically serious techno label from Berlin, founded by DJ and producer Subjected, and projected through various top-notch releases by a troupe of loyal label artists and cutting-edge DJs Sawlin, Escape To Mars and Mistake Made. This year’s Vault Series 20.0 finds Subjected in fine form with four tracks of driving, infectious techno. With a penchant for throwing experimentation within floor-slaying mixes, these artists are prime examples of why techno is truly an art form for the ages, making the Tresor Floor their home for one unforgettable night. In the +4Bar: the flamboyant Venezuelan-born, Berlin-based Aerea Negrot, whose powerful voice can kill. She’s the kind of woman who’s not afraid to bitch slap or throw a punch when it’s needed, light up a cigarette onstage as she swaggers from one end to the next, all the while switching from a countertenor falsetto to a spinal cord-quivering baritone at the drop of a hi-hat. Many Berliners know Akirahawks: discreet but firmly grounded in the hauptstadt night community, he’s one of its best hidden gems. Since Akirahawks settled down for good in Europe’s electronic mecca, he has been spreading thick sheets of intergalactic space-funk over various crowds at local clubs. Also deeply involved in the record label game, Akirahawks runs the ‘House Mannequin’ imprint alongside his label partner Shingo Suwa. Originally from Tel Aviv, Ady Toledano is a DJ about town in Berlin, playing in choice venues as well as working at MusicHeaven record store. Shake it up to the +4Bar to check out the groove involved in his set.