• Wed
  • 23
  • 05
  • 2018
  • 23:59
Tresor New Faces
Wed 23 May 2018 - 23:59

David Natochen aka Chontane is a young DJ who is one of the newer recruits on  THEM, a London-based club night series turned independent physical and digital imprint. The music is Techno and Electronica that intersects with urban rave music, the aesthetic is dark and Chontane’s style fits well. Already having played in several underground Berlin venues, we welcome him to the new faces night. Echoes of October believes in ability to feature powerful yet harmonic techno. The mysterious artist echoes his passion for a unique sound throughout his well-constructed productions. Echoes Of October contributes to the electronic scene with his partner through their label ARDOR records, which features young talented artists with similar vision. One of Echoes of October’s main goals is to create his own mesmerizing Techno & Rave vibes through his interpretation on different life events that he experienced. As host for the evening, Tresor resident Mario Berger will provide a powerful techno set to highlight this issue of new faces.