• Wed
  • 27
  • 06
  • 2018
  • 23:59
Tresor New Faces
Wed 27 June 2018 - 23:59

We welcome two French artists for this week’s new faces edition. Crystal Geometry is the latest project from underground electronic music veteran, Maxime F. Sabre. Inspired by Post-Punk, Black Metal and Industrial, the French producer and live artist has returned to his roots, a crossover between the warehouse rave scene of the 90’s and industrial music, mixing EBM influences with hardcore Techno. Centered around an ever-growing modular system, the project is based upon live improvisation with dedicated hardware, relentless hard beats and haunting soundscapes. Recognition of the project’s output has continued to penetrate the underground circuit, with a growing catalogue of high-impact productions, released across a number of international underground labels. Thomas Chalandon (Templər – owner from the label Area Z) and Pablo Bozzi (Lapse of Reason) are the Berlin-based duo Imperial Black Unit, associated with Philipp Strobel’s aufnahme + wiedergabe label in Berlin. If the track “Now You Can Pray” on their upcoming State Of Pressure 12″ is any indication of their talent, then this appearance is promising indeed. Tresor resident REKA returns for a second new faces host tonight.