• Wed
  • 12
  • 06
  • 2019
  • 23:59
Tresor New Faces
Wed 12 June 2019 - 23:59

Polly F is a DJ from the Netherlands and recently played at Spielraum x Herrensauna in Amsterdam. Spielraum is a queer night that aims to create a safer dance floor. Based at Radion in Amsterdam, it occasionally collaborates with other teams that share the same philosophy, like Bassiani (Tbilisi) and Herrensauna (Berlin). We welcome Spielraum resident Polly F to the New Faces night. Recent years have seen a steady output of original material from Australian producer, DJ and remixer Eddie Hale on a number of pivotal labels such as classic Detroit label KMS Records, Dutch labels Dynamic Reflection and Intacto and his new collaborative project ‘Ritus’ saw its debut on Swedish label Parabel. His discography to date shows a flow of releases that have progressively grown into a signature sound that truly reflects his unique personality and taste; offering the discerning listener and dancer alike an experience that surpasses the status quo. The typical set from Eddie is planted firmly, but not limited to, a 4/4 techno experience that branches and twists, with excursions into a myriad of house, acid, broken beats and ambient aesthetics that complete the puzzle – a dynamic journey with energy and soul. Tonight’s new faces artists are hosted by Netherlands-born Tresor resident Esther Duijn, whose sound is characterised by the deep and solid side of techno and house music. Having released on labels like Fred P’s Soul People Music, German Housewax and Portuguese Exquisite Music, solo and also with her long-time production partner Steady Douglas as “Duijn & Douglas”, Duijn has shown her skill as a producer and a DJ, with over 20 (vinyl) releases under her belt. Esther’s running a label, podcast series & event called “Another Earth”, inviting various international well-known artists.  Esther loves to mix the old, the new, the rare, the deep and the raw parts of electronic dance music to brilliant effect, never compromising on the groove. She maintains a steady flow while staying true to the roots of Chicago house and Detroit techno.