• Wed
  • 11
  • 09
  • 2019
  • 23:59
Tresor New Faces
Wed 11 September 2019 - 23:59

In the early 1990s Ruben‘s first influences were developed in clubs around the south of Madrid and included: electro, industrial, ebm, techno, Detroit-Chicago, minimal-techno and acid house – among others. He spent years producing soundtracks for short films, audio-visual art exhibitions, TV ads for RAI and some tours and collaborations with bands like SKUN D.F.(1998/99). Ruben’s unique sets began to be heard again with the precursors of this modern sound in Madrid HD Substance, Jesús González, Miguel Mendoza, who helped him to consolidate his career in club 101. A string of releases and remixes have cemented his reputation, finding him playing in top international clubs. Ruben has always pursued his own personal style, now well known thanks to the great representation of ebm and electro-techno sound in Spain. Currently, he is resident DJ at Stardust in Madrid. Trainee is a young DJ from Berlin whose Soundcloud page reveals a multi-faceted style of techno that is perfect for the Tresor Floor. We welcome him to the decks and the New Faces platform. After spending his youth in Gran Canaria, southern Spain, Tresor New Faces host Artik sank himself into the cold industrial atmosphere of Berlin. Unsettling ambience and hammering percussion break up the rhythms that define Artik as an artist. Sound engineer and lover of the most purist electronic music, he has been a frequent guest in our home, with his uncompromising sound, and his music was also recently released on Monolith Records in Berlin.