• Wed
  • 18
  • 09
  • 2019
  • 23:59
Tresor New Faces
Wed 18 September 2019 - 23:59

Leandro Miragliotta is a young DJ and producer from Argentina. He got his musical influences at an early age with bands like Guns N ‘Roses, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix. At 18, influenced by DJs such as Oscar Mulero, Planetary Assault Systems, Zadig, Voiski, Miragliotta began his career as a DJ in the underground techno scene in Argentina, resulting in gigs in some of Buenos Aires’ best clubs, eventually to Under Club, where he was able to share the decks with numerous well-known international artists. Anthony Salvo aka SLV is a Montreal, Canada-based DJ artist and sound engineer. For more than five years, he has been a prolific musician, sound designer, Foley artist, and post-production mixer for film, television, and music projects. SLV‘s breadth of experience in the field of sound has cultivated his exceptional aptitude for helping others realize their own creative visions. Based in the epicenter of global clubbing, Berlin, host Dinamite traces her trajectory fifteen years ago, placed in one of the most influential club stages in the Spanish capital: Madrid’s underground scene, one of the main platforms that enhanced and developed the spectrum sound of Dinamite since her inception. The depth of her sets immerses us in a space-trip dominated by hypnotic and heavy electronic environments in the same harmonic code, intelligible techno ruled by a musical selection capability only available for accurately and experienced ears.