• Wed
  • 23
  • 10
  • 2019
  • 23:59
Tresor New Faces
Wed 23 October 2019 - 23:59

Maxim aka Eostra is a member of Roots United – a big formation of musicians & promoters, who organizes Present Perfect Festival and other massive off-location events. After moving from Moscow to Saint Petersburg, Maxim became a resident of a cult club Stackenschneider, where he curates monthly happening party Sumeba Miyako. Though Eostra constantly participates in rave oriented events, he’s not just a techno DJ. There is house, disco, acid, electro, techno and experimental music in his sets depending on a place and time of a day. Eclectic indeed. Esquire Magazine estimated of Eostra’s true worth as a selector and included him in the list of the 8 best DJs of Saint Petersburg. Dan Yal is Lolsnake, associated with the event series Weeeirdos. The event series Weeeirdos has quickly become a not-so-secret tip in Berlin’s rave and live music scene. Guesting in different locations, DJ Lolsnake‘s team not only explores the city’s various venues but also emphasises local lineups rather than booking acts from far away. The Weeeirdos brand is also characterised by an extraordinary visual aesthetic and a uniquely inclusive approach. Hosting tonight is Tresor Club resident Ron Wilson. Born in Berlin, Ron Wilson started out with his event & podcast series Tanzmichmal over a decade ago and is now busy with his own record label 777 Recordings, earning him underground credibility around the globe. With his new residency at Tresor and hosting his own clubnight bookings at Globus, Ron Wilson counts among Berlin’s most prolific electronic music DJs, playing diverse styles ranging from techno to acid to house and electro.