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  • 2019
  • 23:59
Tresor New Faces
Wed 13 November 2019 - 23:59

Æmris is a new profile in the Italian techno scene. Keeping experimental techno as core genre, scrapes of electro, techno, acid rave, and EBM including New Wave influences are added to the mix. Æmris is fully immersed in the dynamism offered by the most genuine Mediterranean techno, resulting in smooth and contemporary productions. Influenced by UK Birmingham techno school and, he is also developing a gloomy modular live set ready to storm out any dancefloor. Despite his young age, Æmris holds a residency at Kode_1 Club, sharing the console with many top international artists. In 2017 he founded Sional Records, an independent label, through which he promotes new music, and new artists of the international scene, in digital & vinyl release. The project “Not Mass” arises from the desire to experiment harder and darker sounds. The interest in approaching this new sound comes straight from the passion for rock music that characterized his childhood. His musical selection and productions range from Acid to Electro crossing groove Old School up to the most experimental and industrial sounds, taking inspiration from the pioneers Karl O’Connor aka Regis ,Surgeon, BMB, Female, Talker, JK Flesh, NX1 ecc. In 2018 Not Mass released his first EP called ”First Of All” on Eclectic Limited series with five powerful tracks. After spending his youth in Gran Canaria, southern Spain, Tresor New Faces host Artik sank himself into the cold industrial atmosphere of Berlin. Unsettling ambience and hammering percussion break up the rhythms that define Artik as an artist. Sound engineer and lover of the most purist electronic music, he has been a frequent guest in our home, with his uncompromising sound, and his music was also recently released on Monolith Records in Berlin.