• Wed
  • 13
  • 07
  • 2016
  • 23:59
Tresor New Faces
Wed 13 July 2016 - 23:59

Young Polish artist Rafal Pazdzior is Rraph, based in the city of Lublin and releasing on Gynoid Audio, Counter Pulse and Translucent. A quick listen to his Soundcloud tracks will give you a good idea of his no-nonsense, straightforward powerful techno that is a perfect fit for the basement groove. Marek Kornecki is Tawbaq from Poznan, Poland, a young, ambitious and talented DJ/producer and label owner of Hypnotic Landscapes Records. His adventure with electronics began around 2000. His musical style is mainly Deep/Dub/Techno yet there are also gigs where he plays Ambient/Experimental. Tawbaq’s music is well-accepted as hypnotic, deep sounds and experimenting with ambient soundscapes. He is a member of the label Dirty Stuff Records, Circular Limited, Eufemia and DSR Digital. In January 2014 his first album has appeared under the title ‘Other Side Of The Planet’ that was released by Dirty Stuff Records. Also from Poznana, Dawid Rakowski aka Raq is influenced by genres like funk, soul, psychedelic rock, blues, jungle, hip-hop, and nowadays he sails across the synthful, bass-heavy seas of broken beats. Today Raq focuses on DJing, producing his own beats and promoting parties in Projekt Lab club as well as being a member of the Foxhole & 5:55.

  • 23:59 - 02:30
    RaqProjekt LAB/ Poznan
  • 02:30 - 05:00
    TawbaqHypnotic Landscape Records/ Poznan
  • 05:00 - End
    RraphGynoid Audio, BTS/ Lublin
Aurora Bar
  • 23:59 - End
    Miss ItaliaTresor.Berlin