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  • 2016
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Tresor New Faces
Wed 21 September 2016 - 23:59

A Barcelona duo formed by Pina and Moduleight, Loppkio blurs the lines between techno, electro and IDM meet: when they get together as Loppkio the tendency is for things to harden up a bit in a charged atmosphere (perhaps because they play off one another) as they spend more time on the techno side of the border than anywhere else. However, they can’t ignore their influences and their techno is quite angular, with the kind of edge that will hurt if it catches you. Unjin is a techno DJ/Producer from Seoul, Korea and also known as Rainjacket – an imaginative abstract ambient project. Unjin is recently best known as the founder of Korea’s first techno label ECI Korea who had a successful international debut at Miami WMC 2010 as Korea’s best electronic musician and is fast becoming known in Asian techno/tech house circles as one of top producers and DJs to watch. Also Unjin is well known as his abstract ambient live performance project Rainjacket, releasing the first full-lenth album in 2001 under Sinusoidal Records in Vancouver, Canada, the country he moved to in 1997. This chapter of Tresor New Faces is hosted by Tresor resident Reka.

New FacesTresor
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    UnjinEci/ Korea
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    Live: LoppkioPsychoskunk, Ballistic/ Barcelona
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    hosted by RekaTresor.Berlin
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