• Wed
  • 26
  • 10
  • 2016
  • 23:59
Tresor New Faces
Wed 26 October 2016 - 23:59

New Faces tonight brings two artists originating from the southern regions of Europe. Moreno aka Dorian Gray is a refined Italian Berlin-based Techno DJ and producer, dealing with electronic music far beyond its partying aspect. After his acclaimed Nyctophilia EP released on Android muziq in 2015, Dorian’s work appeared on international active imprints such as Circular LTD, Illegal Alien, Black string records and Lost in ether to name a few.  His progressively built sets oscillates between deep Techno and more club-oriented and hard-hitting sonorities. Dorian Gray posses a unique quality to dip deep into his dark inside to extract a lavish and musical emotion. You will feel his intriguing rhythmic loops, escaped from the depths and ambient tones combined with the Nordic land sound. The result? – a strange and hypnotic techno. Berlin-based but born in Madrid in the 90’s, Raul Alvarez (Julian Rosh) is a sound engineer involved in different projects during the last years with more than 50 releases on diverse international labels. Owner of 2RB Records, he’s in a lifetime connection between Madrid and Berlin, among his recent collaborations working in his new project with Mario Urien, Bohemia Musik, recording their first analog studio album in 2015. Analog and vinyl lover, his sound can’t be labeled. Influenced by the first steps of House and Techno and developed in Berlin through a deeper and mental soul; Raul Alvarez drives his performances into a trip to the past with a experimental and futuristic approach. Adapting dancefloor, drum machines, vintage synths and unexpected harmonies. Both artists get a warm welcome and a powerful adjoining set by host Dinamite.