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  • 2017
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Tresor New Faces
Wed 25 October 2017 - 23:59

Based on Australia’s Gold Coast outside of the epicentres of Techno landscape Alexander Noakes has forged a steady path of DJ to producer to live artist and label owner. It is with consistent passion for the craft, communication and community of techno that Alexander forges ahead with a platform to deliver techno as he feels it. Playing live as his alias Pacific Voltage Club, he undertakes further techno exploration. His current productions are now gaining attention of the worldwide techno community with a remix for Californian label Journeys and an original EP and releases for Argentinean label Concepto Hipnotico, and Lebanon based label Din is Noise, plus releases on his own label Adaptogen. Fuzion is one of Brisbane, Australia’s electronic pioneers. With a passion especially for techno and minimal house, Fuzion stands out with his effortless skills – particularly his renown 3-deck assault – with an abiding love for floating melodies, mesmerizingly unyielding beats that span the spectrum of percussion instruments through to synthesized rhythms and overlain by resolute basslines. These two dynamic artists are given a techno welcome by our power resident Mareena tonight.

Tresor Aurora Bar
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