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Tresor New Faces
Wed 03 January 2018 - 23:59

Lipstick Trash is the pseudonym of Berlin-based artist Omer Saban, experimenting with live analog equipment such as vintage samplers and synthesisers, self-built instruments such as FM synthesisers and Drum machines, to modern semi-modular instruments, he usually composes Techno music in all its different forms and sub-forms, from the more obscure, sub heavy droning tracks to minimalistic beat driven tracks, as well as several full-on melodic cuts which all fits together perfectly in a mixture which is easily recognisable as his own. In November 2013, Lipstick Trash released his first single in a compilation by the Chicago label “Grid Based Beats” owned by Tim Vitek, it wasn’t too long before he followed up with another release under the highly respected “Bulletdodge Records” in Glasgow, Scotland in June 2014. New Yorker Unsanctioned brings her very unique, grity urban techno to the basement decks, as well as NEIN, a Berlin artist who has been gigging around some of the German capital’s underground venues.

Tresor Aurora Bar
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