• Wed
  • 22
  • 01
  • 2020
  • 23:59
Tresor New Faces w/ Dinamite
Wed 22 January 2020 - 23:59

Asec is a new Berlin-based label and DJ. Stylistically moving between hypnotic, unpolished, dancefloor-oriented electronic music. Asec’s 2nd release on his label features tracks that artfully transition between dancefloor techno to drifting ambience, the EP delivers a powerful set of textural, hypnotic cuts in its first two tracks “A Sentient Mind” and ‘Solitary_Predatory”. Alongside this, a driven, straightforward techno trip in “Exhale”. The EP concludes with a destructive yet beautiful ambient piece in “Touch”. As a music maker and DJ, João Rodrigues aka Temudo is part of a new generation of artists whose work relies on the contemporary approach on Techno. The music he makes has the seal of mythical labels such as Soma, Hayes, Modularz, Clergy, Mord, Synewave or Planet Rhythm. In 2016 he put out two EP’s that would see his music spread quickly into the speakers of clubs and festivals. Besides his incredibly prolific and busy production and release activity on top labels, Temudo’s most recent creation, with VIL, -2 and Osse, is Hayes, a collective focused on showcasing the distinct output of its artists through vinyl and digital releases. Their first two releases has put them well on the map, with several big guns supporting the tracks. Based in the epicenter of global clubbing, Berlin, host Dinamite traces her trajectory fifteen years ago, placed in one of the most influential club stages in the Spanish capital: Madrid’s underground scene, one of the main platforms that enhanced and developed the spectrum sound of Dinamite since her inception. The depth of her sets immerses us in a space-trip dominated by hypnotic and heavy electronic environments in the same harmonic code, intelligible techno ruled by a musical selection capability only available for accurately and experienced ears.