Aufgrund der Gesundheitsbesorgnisse durch das Coronavirus entscheidet sich Tresor im Interesse unserer Mitmenschen für eine präventive Schließung aller Veranstaltungsorte mit sofortiger Wirkung.

Unsere weitere Vorgehensweise wird in Anpassung an die zukünftigen Entwicklungen und behördlichen Vorgaben stattfinden.

Berlin, 12.3.2020

Due to the health concerns caused by the corona virus, Tresor has decided, in the interest of our fellow human beings, to preventively close all venues with immediate effect.

Our further course of action will take place in accordance with further developments and regulatory requirements.

Berlin, 12.3.2020

  • Sat
  • 05
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  • 2019
  • 23:59
Tresor Records. 28 Years. PART II
Sat 05 October 2019 - 23:59

Tresor Records, the label affiliated to our eponymous club, veritable nerve center of Berlin’s expressive sub-cultural movement, celebrates its 27th anniversary. This explosive musical programme to celebrate the occasion brings together legacy artists that have cemented the foundations of the label’s catalogue, with producers that have joined the fold over recent years. Longtime Tresor artist Regis released on Tresor Records under his alias Karl O’Connor. “Against Nature” with fellow artist terrorist Peter Sutton (Female) in 2000 was a a maverick stroke (Tresor.147) at the turn of the millenium. Regis has a greater mythology surrounding the influential Downwards label that he has run with Peter since 1993. Each time he returns to our home it is a special treat, and we welcome him back to celebrate 28 years of our label. New York-based DJ, producer and L.I.E.S. artist Antenes operates a laboratory of self-made sequencers and synthesizers using vintage telephone equipment. Known for her inventive soundscapes and eclectic DJ sets, Antenes treats the studio as a space for sculpting emergent patterns, textures, and percussion layers. A Brooklyn resident by way of Chicago, her DJ sets dive into hypnotic, acid-laced techno, shimmering electro, shadowy atmospheres and beyond, with a particular ear for odd percussions and syncopations.  As one of the hinges of the 90’s rave generation, Italian DJ and Sonic Groove artist Max Durante’s sound and his presence have been fundamental for the early Italian Techno scene. Well respected as a DJ, thanks to his great mixing abilities, as well as a producer for his precious creativity in his recording productions, Max Durante is a true innovator of dark, industrial techno. In Globus: Terrence Dixon, also known under the Population One moniker, describes his techno as “Forward-thinking ghetto electronics” and is widely recognised for his incongruous, minimalist sound design, authenticity, and dedication. A prolific producer, his 30-year studio career has seen releases on Metroplex, Tresor and Rush Hour to name but a few. Dixon‘s sound safeguards Detroit techno so that it will remain relevant in the years to come and his tracks have been some of the most exhilarating of the 21st century. Terrence Dixon is a champion of the Detroit sound, who is firmly rooted in the city’s grand tradition, but also propels things forward in unexpected ways. Terrence launched the Cybtotron Live tour in 2018 with partner Kat in London, with shows in London, Primavera and Dekmantel. We welcome his return and the fantastic live set in Globus tonight. Francesco Tristano leads a multifaceted career as a pianist and composer, delving into classical and jazz works, as well as techno and experimental electronic music. The multi-styled artist is a chameleon on the scene. Generally preferring material that emphasizes rhythm and harmony, he finds common ground between classical and dance music, and is equally at home on Deutsche Grammophon as well as Transmat and Get Physical Music. It would take pages to cover Tristano’s accomplishments: for example in 2006 French label InFiné released Tristano’s cover of Derrick May’s seminal Detroit techno track “Strings of Life.”  His collaborations and crossover productions involve top international labels and we are very pleased to welcome this talented artist who will deliver a live set for our label birthday celebration. Tristano made his Sony Classical debut with 2017’s Piano Circle Songs, which included collaborations with Chilly Gonzales, an artist with a similarly accomplished career in classical as well as pop and electronic music. For the last 12 years, Berlin-born Janina developed an impressive sharp ear, technical skills, an asserted signature, despite continuously evolving music tastes. Playing regularly in the best clubs in Berlin and in European capitals, Janina is now playing twice a month as a resident of Monasterio Club in Moscow. Born in Berlin, artist Ron Wilson started out with his event & podcast series Tanzmichmal over a decade ago and is now busy with his own record label 777 Recordings, earning him underground credibility around the globe. With his new residency at Tresor and hosting his own clubnight bookings at Globus, Ron Wilson counts among Berlin’s most prolific electronic music DJs, playing diverse styles ranging from techno to acid to house and electro.