• Sat
  • 04
  • 10
  • 2014
  • 23:59
Tresor Records Birthday Part II
Sat 04 October 2014 - 23:59

October comes, October goes – and Tresor Records stays! Our birth month is a great reason to celebrate and this time for 23 proud years of advanced techno history. For the occasion we feed our label party with outstanding all-star talent behind the decks, from recent and older family members. Tonight’s Saturday edition of the weekend celebration gets even more variegated: those who would rather be driven directly through the label spectrum will find their thrill on the dancefloors tonight. A brand new live set by Swayzak is awaited side-by-side with fused deck whiz Titonton Duvante, a redeemer for all of those who today find a definite lack in dancefloor turntablism. And for those who didn’t get a fair slice of Cédric Bros’ set last night Friday (Marcelus) then you can revel in a delicious Globus set by him tonight. Also in the basement Tresor Floor is a panoramic selection of Tresor Records allied artists: Marco Zenker in a live solo appearance and Sweden’s new kid on the block Acronym with a live set as well; Construct Re-Form chief and France’s current techno lord Zadig; Spain’s young talented DJ J.C. and Tresor Records label veteran and Berlin techno legend Pacou. All over the map: True Spirits!

  • 23:55
    J.C.Tresor Records/ ES
  • 02:30
    Live: Marco ZenkerTresor Records, Ilian Tape/ München
  • 03:30
    ZadigConstruct Re-Form, Tresor Records/ Paris
  • 06:00
    PacouTresor Records, Cache/ Berlin
  • 23:55
    Titonton DuvanteResidual, 7th City/ US
  • 03:00
    Live: SwayzakTresor Records/ UK
  • 04:00
    MarcelusTresor Records/ Paris
  • 06:00