• Tue
  • 30
  • 04
  • 2019
  • 23:59
Tresor meets S.L.A.M.
Tue 30 April 2019 - 23:59

South London Analogue Material aka S.L.A.M. is a vinyl-only label founded around 2015 by Ossian and Ansome. Quickly the label has established itself with some distinguished releases by cutting-edge electronic dance artists across the board. Inspired by a raw and urban UK techno lineage, Kieran Whitefield aka Ansome‘s drums are heavyweight, his percussion fierce and his synths full blooded. All in all that makes for a live set that grabs your attention and drags you along for an enthralling ride. Littered with his own field recordings, it can be variously eerie or boisterous. Returning artist Anthony Arcana is Ayarcana from Italy, producing some very powerful techno on the Vae Victis Records, S.L.A.M. and Parachute Records labels, among others. Ayarcana is in love with the strong language in music. Hard sounds and dark matter have real importance. in just a few years Ayarcana has had several collaborations with many underground artists of Europe and his productions have been supported by most top names of the underground electronic scene. Ossian is originally from Scotland and currently lives in Berlin. Whilst living in London and studying a sound design course at London South Bank University he met Ansome and for the first time was introduced to techno, he soon realised that his taste and ideas for techno aligned closely with Ansome’s and so South London Analogue Material was born. With no formal music background Ossian’s productions are focused on experimental sound design and noise to create powerful and heavy hitting techno. Ossian has released on S.L.A.M., Perc Trax & PLS UK and has been pushing his favoured flavour of techno through his dynamic and relentless DJ sets around Europe. Peryl is an artist from the south of Germany. His style in music clearly comes from his former drummer background – rhythmic, pounding and full of energy.It transformed from rough and noisy break beat, to EBM kind of sound, to heavy techno and back again. Always remaining his own distinguishable tone. Constantly trying to push the boundaries between different styles in music, Peryl’s live performances are like no other and there is always something new to expect from him. Creating screaming synths, sharp as a knife, melodies which take you on a trip and most of all rhythms which won’t let you hold still. After his first two EPs and singles, Peryl was widely recognised in the scene and supported by artists like Dax J or Rebekka, he shortly after joined in to Inhalt der Nachts Lebendig Crew and got his first release on S.L.A.M. Tonight in the +4Bar we also present three Georgian artists. Returning artist Zurkin is a DJ from Georgia and who has regularly played at Tblissi’s top techno venue Bassiani. Together with Vakho Gamtsemlidze and Nika J, he owns the only vinyl shop in Tbilisi Vodkast, which is also a label and podcast series. Zurkin is one the few musicians who never performs in the same style. He perfectly matches music to the moment and ambience. He mixes widest possible range of music. One can explore Zurkin’s sets at the best Georgian clubs and festivals and tonight in the +4Bar. His collegue Vokho joins him on the decks. Two years ago Resident Advisor hosted an in-store event at Vodkast, with all three of tonight’s artists playing, as well as fellow Tbilisi artists HVL and Terekke. Last March Nika J was in the line-up at Tbilisi’s Khidi club and has also been regularly DJing at the very popular 4GB Festival.