The Wall was no longer and horizons became more distant. A nascent sound developed in a dank basement, from where countless stories emerged. A meeting point for Berlin’s millieu, where touring DJs from Detroit were invited to bring their story and start a conversation with the youth movement in Europe. Since 1991, Tresor Records has been forever re-defining techno as it contorts and manoeuvres around contemporary pressure and technological flux.

The story of Tresor is inextricably linked with Detroit and Birmingham where like-minded friends created something truly special, rhythms that told the story of fading industry in corrupted metropoles. Inimitable figures such as Underground Resistance, Sleeparchive and Surgeon are mainstays – ambassadors of their sound, representing their origins.

In a present where Donato Dozzy sits just right next to the fragmented sounds of X-103, where Marcelus and Second Woman etch their freshest approaches, a more than 300 strong catalogue displays an unmistakable identity – the Tresor spirit. In 2020 we continue a 29 year long conversation to find where 1 and 1 equals 3.