• 02:45 Before The Calling
  • 05:16 If
  • 05:38 Subject
  • 07:27 Detached
  • 04:23 Version
  • 05:05 Eight 3
  • 05:36 Connected
  • 05:35 From Over The Edge
  • 04:47 Coda
  • 04:30 If (Loft Mix)

Tresor Records is pleased to announce the new reissue of James Ruskin's seminal Point 2 album.

First released in 2000, it marked a fine debut that entrenches the minimal sequences, utilitarian funk and eerie hypnosis found within Ruskin's body of work. As Tresor's relationship with the UK sound grew stronger across the course of the '00s, it was Ruskin, the label owner of Blueprint Records, who played a critical part in this. Throughout the trio of LPs released over that decade, inspirations of the sci-fi minimal Detroit sound lie abundant, rendered through corporeal slammers typical of the UK vein.

Point 2 was the first of Ruskin's trilogy for Tresor, and brought a direct and uncompromising vibrancy to the fore, from the aquatic symphony featured on 'From Over The Edge' to the pinpoint gaze of 'Subject'. Gurning loops beat against alien samples, drained into refined abstractions of pure techno.

Newly remastered and featuring two tracks previously not cut onto vinyl, this upfront and bold classic is set to span dance floors once again.