• 07:28 Transport
  • 07:28 Odyssey
  • 06:08 Lightyears
  • 06:44 2600
  • 04:09 Merkur
  • 09:15 Riod
  • 10:31 Zeolites


Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald – the two indispensable protagonists of the Electric Garden – plug back into the wilderness.
‘Transport’ – the full length effort brings together a set of studio-refined sequences aimed at colonizing some of the dark energy that pulsates through those areas that are thoroughly electrified, even if not ‘on the grid’.

The Detroit-Berlin axis triangulated to a third point which, like the atomic particle that lives in two places at once, flickers between a form of techno-charged ambience and a futuristic club-jazz which cannot be broken down into constitutive parts.
Borderland remains caught in a state of enraptured stillness, invisibly moving between every imagined future for electronic sound making.

The result: a font from which springs serene and exhilarating musical ideas that vibrate with refined energy for sixty seconds in every minute.