• 05:56 ChronoRebel
  • 04:37 Neon Harmonies
  • 05:40 Blaster Imploder
  • 05:56 Echoes of Chaos
  • 05:12 Random Destiny (Digital Bonus)
  • 05:34 Neon Harmonies (The Other Version) (Digital Bonus)
  • 05:36 Who Holds the Key? (Digital Bonus)

Argentinian producers Oscean return to Tresor with Chronium Radiance, their longest release so far, in which the duo continue the evolution of their sound, coalescing the elemental ideas explored in their first two releases and yielding sublime results.

This landmark release will no doubt be seen as the point at which Oscean crystalised a trademark sound, balancing complex percussive rhythms with pulsing and cadenced music in which a universe of often oxymoronic ideas can be found, melded together with a deft touch to create a blissful sonic whole.

There is a sense of space and airiness to side A of the record as synth parts drift across the more solid-feeling landscape of the basslines and percussion:
Opening track ChronoRebel is a propulsive trance induction that brings forth cinematic images of billowing clouds.
This nebulous quality is continued on Neon Harmonies where the highly syncopated drum track weaves through a haze of colourful synths that while lower tempo than the previous track somehow has an energy of a faster piece.

The flip side has a denser, darker quality to it beginning with Blaster Imploder, a deep and funky track that continues the convention-defying theme by being powerful and frenetic whilst also having a soft and exultant sheen.
This is followed by Echoes of Chaos which closes out the 12” with a dynamic beat and spacious, sweeping synths that feel as though we are passing through the atmosphere heading towards some distant nebula.

Alongside the tracks on the vinyl release, three digital tracks expand on the universe Oscean have built with a truly ecstatic love theme, a retelling of Neon Harmonies that unveils a river of dub, and a low tempo, drifting yet no-less affecting piece acting as the closing titles to our voyage to this Osceanic world.