Welcome to space! Sirius is your 'freund'.

Sirius, only 8.6 light years away, is the brightest star in the night sky: It is said that 7000 years ago visitors from there came down to earth. They were represented by the shape of a fish. They came down to spread their seed of benevolence and wisdom. Welcome to space! Sirius is a 'Freund'.

Tresor has created a limited run of Sirius merchandise c/o Fisch Buro. The T-shirt & Hoodie motif's were appropriated from a 90's promotional cigarette packet produced by Ralf Österreich for Phillip Morris & Tresor Berlin.

The Sirius Hoodie is available in 2 colour ways - Red/Yellow & Grey/White.

Foto: @MiriTorta
Model: @St.Estere