We’re proud to announce the first in a series of digital releases to celebrate Tresor’s 30th anniversary and the next generation to come: Fireground release their debut EP - Dualism.

Fireground is the collaboration of Angela and Daniele, who are predominantly known for their output of Techno and Electro via their own label R12 Records. The Napolitan duo deliver a timeless release that's expertly connecting classic Birmingham sound of the 90s and early 2000s - think Surgeon’s Tresor trilogy - with current research in Techno.

The EP opens with "Return", a gritty experimental session. Strong, broken drums resolve in majestic pads gravitating around its rock-solid ground. "Signal Detected" is a pure piece of tribal, raw and percussive sound.

While colorful ambient is present throughout the whole EP, "It’s Time To Leave", the only beatless track, surprises with a unique sonic world. Continuously unfolding in rich detail it is all centered around a simple, beautiful re-occuring melody.

"Joy Of Life" is a real troublemaker and the most colossal track on the release, blending hard-edged drums and wooden percussion with classic dub chords for the absolute dance floor peak. The mood stays intense on title track „Dualism", ambient Techno that strikes a rarely heard balance between toughness and introspection. With its shifted reverbey hats and imperceptible nuances it cleverly creates movement within a machine like repetition.

The last track takes us to a world under when crisp drums are slowly throbbing from somewhere deep down and become more tangible with almost every single bar, slowly lifting themselves up to the surface. After more than three decades of Techno, there’s many anthems to find, but Fireground deliver several on one release. A modern approach to a classic sound - sweet, wild and strong - for the resurgent dance floors of tomorrow.