Stepping boldly out of the shadows in which Techno usually dwells, Fireground’s second release for Tresor is a refreshing step into the light.

The Neapolitan duo take their influence from the full spectrum of late-90s electronic luminaries, skillfully focusing them into five tracks that surpasses mere homage and feels fresh when contrasted with the darker tones of most contemporary Techno.

“Dreams” EP lays out an almost summery scene from the get-go with French Touch-esque filtered loops and percussion rhythms that would make any 90s UK Techno club come alive. Bright and fresh this music may be, but make no mistake: it still hits hard enough for any dance floor.

Aptly chosen for the final track, Dense Blue conjures the sensation of a sunset falling over the EP, with shades of New Age and Fourth World styles that close out the release with a dramatic change of pace.

As with all Tresor 30 releases, the cover art has been selected from the artists’ own collection. Their choice of a photo of sweet treats re-enforces the sense of playfulness and joy threaded throughout the release.