Tresor veteran TV Victor returns with two EPs in the midst of Tresor's 30th anniversary. Being an integral part of Tresor even before it all began, Udo Heitfeld founded No Zen Orchestra in 1987 together with Dimitri Hegemann and Günther Schickert amongst others. The first releases on Interfisch, which would later become Tresor Records, saw the crew gathering around Fischbüro (a space for eclectic and dada experimentation) releasing non-comforming hypnotic psychedelic rock experiments, followed by Heitfeld’s solo debut Album Moondance on Big Sex in ‘89 as well as Trance Garden 1-3, his first release on Tresor in ’94.

TV Victor's new releases GRV Vol. 2 + 3 continue this saga three decades later. This new chapter picks up where GRV Vol.1 left off in 2010, with its release on Tobias Freund and Max Loderbauer's Non Standard Productions label. GRV Vol.3 shows an even more hypnotic and trance-inducing side of Heitfeld's sonic universe.

It starts off with „GRV Tr 5“, an ever growing drone piece interspersed with drums reminiscent of Jaki Liebezeit's "Motorik Beat"-drumming from the days of Can. Relentless drums and layers of percussion are present throughout the whole EP. While the moods and states of mind are ever changing - sometimes soothing, sometimes threatening - they still convey a universal feeling: things are moving forward in steady waves while the repetitive and subtly shifting atmospherics - much like looking at the stars - crumble any sense of space and time into infinity.