Free Your Body is the second part of DeFeKT and Jensen Interceptor’s exploration of themes relating to attitudes towards chronic or hidden illness. (Both producers have personal experience of the effects of MS, a chronic illness affecting the central nervous system).

As well as being a common passion of both producers, according to DeFeKT (AKA Matthew Flanagan), electro is a “perfect vehicle to explore this feeling of having your body become alien to your mind [from the effects of MS]…electro is an alien music to an extent. If you aren’t into the sound it probably sounds jerky and unnatural.”

This sense of the ordinary/normal becoming alien/distorted is echoed in the artwork for both EPs: photographs of personal resonance for the artists have been inverted, transforming the familiar into the uncharted.

The process of creating these tracks was a liberating experience for Flanagan, “My mind felt free from worrying about what I couldn’t control…and when the mind is free the body tends to follow. These records feel like the pinnacle of our journey so far. An ending point but a place to set off on the next journey. We’re so happy they are being released on Tresor – it feels like they’ve come home to where they should be.”