December is a fitting name for French producer, Tomas More: just as the month sits in a transient and liminal space in the northern hemisphere as nature seemingly pauses and the old year passes to the new, December's music similarly sits in between genres; neither here nor then completely.

With the release of What Remains of Us, first half of a two-part project entitled Transform, December transits through the spaces between electro, goth, coldwave, jungle, and dark ambient creating a collage-like work.

Of the release, More states, “I am fascinated by music that is impossible to pin down and classify, making it my own weird little style. Of course there's my never-ending attraction to the bizarre and mysterious; to film references; romanticism but I'd say the central element of this record is the idea that everything can subtly be blending together: everything can be transformed; like organic matter made out of our obsessions resulting in a strange and transformed piece of sound that, I hope, sounds like me: in the qualities, and in the flaws. A genuine identity made of never-ending transformations."

This concept of deft hybridisation is further explored in the sleeve photography by Marie Quéau, a continuation of their work together on recent December A/V live shows. The image evokes Cronenberg-esque body horror, footage from deep-sea shipwreck exploration, or even autopsy footage, giving a clear sense of unease whilst avoiding mere shock value.