HandmadeTresor.Cast 014

Handmade’s DJing is perfectly tuned to the Globus wavelength. An integral part of the Tresor resident team since 2009, he developed his own blend of timeless dance styles on the rocky Berlin terrain.

MareenaTresor.Cast 013

Mareena is one of Tresor’s most respected residents, where she also regularly hosts budding talents during New Faces. Becoming a Berlin resident in 2004, Mareena has developed a chameleon-like approach, stitching together sets for any discerning floor and stage. As a result of her experiences within the diverse musical environments of Berlin, Mareena has continuously crafted new conduits for both established and emerging artists, breaking down musical barriers.

Delta FunktionenTresor.Cast 012

Tresor is proud to welcome into its thick walls, producer and DJ extraordinaire Delta Funktionen as club resident.

Delta Funktionen develops subtle music, always spontaneous and with a deadly sense of groove. To celebrate the occasion, this selection touches on what he likes to designate as Sci-Fi Techno – touching on different genres, with a cinematic approach.

BNJMNTresor.Cast 011

Latest Tresor Records signing BNJMN steps up for this new Tresor.Cast episode. This set was recorded live in the vault, during the release event for the Body Reflections EP.

HGRTresor.Cast 010

HGR is a Berlin reference known for his versatile sets and agility to move between moods. The Tresor resident demonstrates it in full form, in this extended mix clocking at 150 minutes.

Marcel HeeseTresor.Cast 009

Originating from Berlin, Marcel Heese reveals here an intimate selection titled ’30 Songs To A Distant Galaxy’, including some decisive and infinite Tresor classics.

J.C.Tresor.Cast 008

Spain’s finest newcomer and Tresor resident J.C. selects different blends in subtle electronics for this hour-long mix, dedicated to your ears.

RekaTresor.Cast 007

Tresor club resident Reka digs deep in the Tresor Records catalog, blending a fine selection of legacy and present outings, with other favorite numbers from the current Techno landscape. Reka’s extensive grasp over the Electro genre also fluidly surfaces throughout this two-hour journey.

Jonas KoppTresor.Cast 006

Tresor Records recently announced the coming of Jonas Kopp’s debut album ‘Beyond The Hypnosis’, set for release in November 2014. Presenting Kopp at his most wayfaring, the album shows off the producer’s flare for spacey, subaqueous music. The Argentine producer pushes further in this direction for this sixth Tresor.Cast episode, bringing together a subtle ambient selection that ends on his ‘528 Hz’ title, also the closing number for ‘Beyond The Hypnosis’.

DJ DeepTresor.Cast 005

At Tresor’s first outing in Paris at the Palais de Tokyo, Kern instigator DJ Deep recorded the Deep Library selection he presented to introduce Nils Petter Molvaer & Moritz von Oswald’s ‘1/1’ concert. Followers of Tresor.Cast will enjoy the unique atmosphere of DJ Deep’s exploratory and wide-ranging set in this fifth edition.