• 06:24 The Tresor Track
  • 05:36 Basement Trax
  • 06:01 The Upstairs Lounge

Following the club and label’s 20th anniversary back in 2011, Tresor memorialised its two decades of existence with an exclusive mix from one of its esteemed Detroit connections, Mike Huckaby. On that mix, Mike Huckaby included an exclusive production of his, the first one to be released on Tresor Records.

Today, Tresor is proud to announce the repress of the ‘The Tresor Track’ on wax, making up for a massive A-side cut at 45 RPM. This title is on its way to stand along with the label’s most important classics, a genuine anthem for the Berlin techno institute.

On the flip, Mike Huckaby goes for a stroll through the Tresor building, heading downstairs, exploring the room’s darker and more twisted corners with ‘Basement Trax’, going back towards ‘The Upstairs Lounge’ and surprising his audience with some original rhythmic patterns. The Tresor EP is a statement, a seal manifesting for a fruitful and long-lasting collaboration between Mike Huckaby and Tresor.

"I try to create a vibe, feeling or idea that could create a vicarious expression. Often, this is derived from many of my personal clubbing experiences. I have a permanent snapshot in my mind from the vibe I remember at the Music Institute in Detroit, or the Shelter in NYC. So I vibe off of that quite often. In terms of house, it's usually based around strong chord progressions, and very colorful and expressive sounds. For techno, it can be a mixture of both, or purely abrasive and dance floor driven.

Music is reciprocal. I have coined or phrased a term called "the reciprocal relationship" in music. The reciprocal relationship in music demonstrates that tones excite chords, and chords excite tones. Here's an example to further elaborate on that: A chord can invoke a specific feeling within the listener. But the strength or degree in which a feeling is invoked within the listener has a lot to do with the notes or chord progression that is played upon a specific tone or patch.” Mike Huckaby, 2010.

In loving memory of one of the greatest.