• 05:20 Nandele & A-Tweed - Deserto
  • 04:38 Nadia Struiwigh - Lovesong
  • 04:18 E-Saggila - Pr1nt
  • 05:36 NVST - Heatstress (Tunnel Edition)
  • 04:42 Ryan James Ford - Totes (Bath Mix)
  • 03:56 Viikatory - Cinema
  • 03:52 Jean Redondo - Hypersonic
  • 04:30 Significant Other - Cellar One
  • 03:28 Willis Anne - Spätt System
  • 05:10 DJ Sotofett presents Kavadi - கந்தன் கருணை / Kandhan Karunai
  • 05:12 Ireen Amnes - No Longer Human
  • 05:33 Solid Blake - Hexaghost
  • 06:00 Nit. - Cirrus Virga

yet is a slippery word in English. Amorphous, these three letters in different contexts can define contrast or emphasis, set a place in time, show an expectation that something will occur or, paradoxically, that it is likely to stop.

It is this mercurial nature that makes yet the perfect title for Tresor’s latest compilation: the label follows on from the more explorative sections of 2021’s landmark Tresor 30 boxed set with a compilation, featuring 13 artists making music that resists easy definition.

Every track hints at and borrows from the familiar yet none follow the expected path: halfway through Deserto, Nandele & A-Tweed dramatically reveal a very different sonic landscape that was initially suggested; DJ Sotofett collaborates with Tamil artist Kavadi with results that are unlike anything in the Norwegian producer’s catalogue as yet.

Further invention can be found as Jean Redondo’s Hypersonic moves across spaces inhabited by digital hardcore and hyperpop before swerving off-road and into a futuristic hip-hop section; on No Longer Human, Ireen Amnes takes a different path at the crossroads melding hyperpop, trance, and sci-fi soundtrack atmospherics, Significant Other heads towards UK Bass and Dubstep, and France’s Willis Anne skims by the outskirts of footwork with a piece that is almost completely uncategorisable.

Yet more sonic experimentation comes from E-Saggila, Nadia Struiwigh, NVST, Solid Blake, and Viikatory who offer unique takes on the well-established electro blueprint, while Ryan James Ford, and Nit. both find ways to blend elements normally found in ambient pieces with those heard on a dancefloor.

The feel of the compilation is yet again reflected in the enigmatic artwork by Malik Arbab, where shapes and colours suggest animals and plants but in a world that appears to be transient and constantly evolving.